woensdag 6 mei 2015

A Wave of Peace - Pilgrimage to the School of the Americas

Omschrijving op Youtube:
An hour long video presenting a pilgrimage to the School of the Americas by civil rights attorney Alan Graf. The video features interviews with torture victims, Cynthia McKinney, Father Roy Bourgeois, and Congressman Jim McGovern. There are also some great scenes of marching and music from this year's event along with a rousing speech from Dennis Kucinich.

Omschrijving Overshoot
Video of a journey/pilgrimage to the School of the Americas Vigil in Ft. Benning GA. Interviewer Alan Graf speaks with activists and victims who were tortured at the hands of School of the Americas graduates. The video shows the three days of the vigil and the buildup to the final day of the Vigil's procession in front of the gates of Ft. Benning. The video is dedicated to the memory of Esteban Chuj, a Guatlemalan Cackchiquel Indian leader who was kidnapped in the middle of the night by Guatemalan death squads trained at the SOA, who later killed him for his involvement in bringing running water to his village.

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