zaterdag 11 april 2015

10 documentaries to understand why Russia most probably did NOT down MH-17

Sometimes it is wise to be silent, let the documentaries do the talking, and the adience to the thinking. With MH-17 in mind, "enjoy" the show!

The war you don't see (John Pilger)

The War You Don't See from John Pilger on Vimeo.

Psywar - Psychological Warfare (Metanoia Films)

I Am Fishead - Are Corporate Leaders Psychopaths

Human Resources -Social Engineering In The 20th Century

The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto (Tragedy and Hope)

The Power Principle - Corporate Empire and the Rise of the National Security State
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Counter-Intelligence (Metanoia Films, )
Counter-Intelligence 1 - The Company

Counter-Intelligence 2 - The Deep State

Counter-Intelligence 3 - The Strategy of Tension

Counter-Intelligence 4 - Necrophilous

Counter-Intelligence 5 - Drone Nation

Counter-Intelligence Extra Clip - The Politics of Conspiracy Theory

NATO's Secret Armies (Gladio)

Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B (James Corbett)

Odessa massacre - What REALLY happend

Are you still convinced it was "Russia" that downed MH-17?

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