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False-flag plan Turkije? Yeah, right...

Er zijn genoeg mensen die tot afgelopen week nog nooit gehoord hadden van een "False-Flag"-operatie. Simpel gezegd is het een aanslag die de uitvoerende partij laat lijken alsof het door een andere partij werd uitgevoerd, wat dan weer in het voordeel werkt van de uitvoerende partij, die buiten beeld blijft. Een veel gebruikte strategie, waar menig oorlog door is gestart. Een bewust gecreëerd "misverstand" om een reactie uit te lokken. Voor je het weet is er weer een oorlog gestart...

Afgelopen week werd er een "gevoelig" gesprek van Turkije gelekt, waarbij de Turken een aanslag zou ensceneren, zogenaamd uitgevoerd door Al-Qaida, om op die manier een oorlog met Syrië te legitimeren. Gelukkig zijn er toch mensen die inmiddels dit soort duivelse plannen doorzien, en zo ook het Turkse schandaal. Blijkbaar komt het via Fethullah Gülen uit de koker van de CIA. De lek was niet bedoeld om een escalatie in de regio te voorkomen, maar om de huidige leider Erdogan een spreekwoordelijke loer te draaien, voorafgaand aan de verkiezingen. Dat heeft echter niet geholpen, de man zit nog stevig in het zadel.

Het is dan ook geweldig dat er alternatieve media bestaat. En twee van mijn favoriete actoren op dat gebied vatten het geheel prima samen in de nieuwste "Eye opener report". U dacht dat u het snapte? Kijk en huiver... Hoe de wereld bij de neus wordt genomen... Althans, bijna...

Turkey's False Flag Plan: What you're not being told  

Nu volgt de tekst zoals deze in het Engels bij de video hoort.
by James Corbett
April 1, 2014

Late last week, a conversation between high-ranking Turkish officials was leaked online purporting to expose a plan that had been devised to use a staged attack on a Turkish target in Aleppo as a pretext to start a war with Syria.

The leak of the conversation was considered sensitive enough that the government of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan took the extraordinary measure of blocking YouTube in the country to prevent the population from learning about the story ahead of key local elections.

That a false flag event was being planned as a pretext for war with Syria should come as no surprise to viewers of the alternative media, who know that this was precisely what happened last year when rebel forces used chemical weapons in Ghouta in an attack that was falsely blamed on Syrian government forces, a fact that was confirmed by a recent MIT study into the incident.

And the fact that Turkey in particular would be actively coordinating a staged provocation within the borders of Syria should come as no surprise to followers of BoilingFrogsPost.com, which broke the story in November of 2011 of Syrian military defector Riad al-Assad training Syrian militants at the American Incirlik Base in Adana, Turkey.

And it should come as no surprise to anyone that the corporate media in the US have attempted to obscure the actual content of the conversations in their limited reporting on the subject. Where the head of Turkish intelligence says he will order his men to launch rockets at Turkish targets from within Syria, the BBC portrays this as undefined “military operations.” When the Turkish Ambassador stresses that any attack on the tomb of Suleyman Shah would have to be perpetrated by Turkish agents and made to look like an Al-Qaeda attack, Reuters calls this a plan to “secure” the tomb. When the Turkish Foreign Minister points out that Prime Minister Erdogan sees any such attack as an “opportunity” for Turkey to strike, The Wall Street Journal portrays this as “taking the threat of radical groups in Syria seriously.” The disconnect between what the officials are actually talking about and the way it is being described is striking.

Still, there remain many questions about the recording and where it came from, why it was released now, and what it means for the future of the NATO agenda in Egypt and for the Turkish government. Earlier this week BoilingFrogsPost.com editor and founder Sibel Edmonds joined me on The Corbett Report to discuss the recording and what it means for Turkey.

Although the leaked recording makes a brief mention of Kerry and the US government, this latest development, like so many other developments in Turkish politics, seems to studiously avoid (or to have been studiously edited) to remove more substantial revelations of US State Department cooperation with the Turkish forces, such as the role of Incirlik as a staging ground for these Syrian terrorist insurgents. Instead, the recording has to be seen in terms of the struggle between the CIA-backed Gulenists and Prime Minister Erdogan, a former favored ally of the Western powers who has fallen out of favor in recent years. Although intended to derail Erdogan’s party in the recent crucial elections, it ended up having no noticeable impact, with the AKP claiming a landslide victory in the contest. In fact, this conversation leak is just one of a number of similar operations in recent months, including the leak of a conversation implicating Erdogan in the release of a sex tape in a political scandal and a video of the Prime Minister telling his son to hide money from investigators. These leaks led to the Turkish government’s attempts to ban Twitter use in the country in the name of fighting an ‘international conspiracy’ against the government, a ban that .

As Edmonds explains, however, just because the most recent tape was not leaked for the purpose of derailing any false flag operation, it does have that unintended consequence.
As to what will happen in the future, pieces continue to be moved around on the Turkish chessboard. Earlier this week, Erdogan’s lawyers pressed charges on former intelligence official Ali Fuat Yilmazer, reputedly an operative for the insurgent Gulen gang. To keep up to date with these developments, and what they mean for the future of the region, please stay tuned to BoilingFrogsPost.com.
Ik kan overigens aanraden het hele gesprek van James Corbett met Sibel Edmonds te luisteren. Dit is hier te downloaden. Voor nog meer achtergronden zal ik de links die erbij horen hieronder plaatsen, met de introducerende tekst erbij. Voor meer achtergronden bij dit verhaal raad ik aan de links te volgen en mogelijk eens dieper in "Gladio B" te duiken. Uitermate interessante materie!

Sibel Edmonds of BoilingFrogsPost.com joins us to uncover the truth about the recently released conversation between top ranking Turkish officials discussing plans for a staged provocation pretext to start a war with Syria. We talk about who likely leaked the recording and why they did it, as well as how it impacts the war between Erdogan and the CIA-Gulenists that we discussed in our last conversation.

Interview 809 – Sibel Edmonds Explains Erdogan’s Fall From Grace

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Maar deze twee journalisten zijn niet alleen in hun standpunt. Ook Kevin Barret deed een boekje open bij PressTV. Dit artikel zal ik hieronder integraal in het Engels overnemen:
False-flag leaks, CIA plot to hit Erdogan: Analyst
By leaking Turkish leaders' false flag plots, the CIA is destabilizing Turkey and undermining Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, despite all his craven attitude to the West, an analyst writes for Press TV.

In an article for Press TV website, Kevin Barrett, a professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, referred to an audio recording leaked on YouTube on March 27, which, according to USA Today, appears to reveal top Turkey officials plotting to fake an attack against their own country as an excuse to wage war on Syria.
The audio is claimed to be a recording of Turkey's foreign minister, its intelligence chief and an undersecretary of foreign affairs discussing plans to stage attacks on Turkey from Syrian soil to justify waging a counterattack on Syria.
“The false flag scandal is the latest crisis to rock Erdogan's government, which has been locked in a power struggle with CIA-backed cleric Fethullah Gulen. Turkish sources say Gulen's organization, which dominates the Turkish National Police, probably recorded and leaked the false-flag tape with CIA assistance.”
He added that the CIA and its Zionist partners are worried that Turkey may become “a powerful, prosperous, independent Islamic democracy” and no longer be a reliable US-NATO client state and stop kowtowing to Israel.
“If the West can keep Turkey weak, it can continue to dominate that strategically crucial country. So it is employing a divide-and-conquer strategy by splitting Turkey's democratic Islamic movement between CIA stooge Gulen and the slightly more independent Erdogan,” the commentator pointed out.
Barrett also pointed to the spread of the false flag meme and explained, “The CIA and its Israeli friends are the world's worst false flag culprits. If the people of the world ever wake up and understand that national leaders routinely attack their own countries as a pretext for going to war, the top echelon of leaders in the US and Israel will spend the rest of their lives in prison for their crimes against humanity on September 11th, 2001.”
He emphasized that by destabilizing Turkey through leaking its leaders' false flag plots, the CIA is “playing with fire.”
Barrett further dismissed as a “lie” a report by the New York Times that characterized the leaked tape recording as suggesting "that Turkey was looking to provoke an attack to justify a Turkish military operation."
“The Turkish leaders were not looking to provoke an attack; they were looking to carry out the attack themselves.”

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