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Michael Hastings videos - Frame by frame

To make a point, people sometimes need just 1 frame of a videoclip, as is the case in some Michael Hastings videos. They use their video player, press pause and get a screenshot. This however is frustrating, since it does not always stop at the specific point needed. So i did some work to get the videos frame by frame by using free windows software. I will share the results and link to the software i used, so you can do the works by yourself in the future. For now I uploaded the originally downloaded MP4 files and the generated jpg files.

I hope it helps clearing up some smoke.

Mozza security camera

Mobile Phone footage of a computerscreen by Michael Krikorian

The Vimeo Source:

IMG 0090[1] from Jimmy Dolan on Vimeo.

Link to the video and frame by frame set:
http://we.tl/53t6m5fXpI (available for 1 week only, please mirror!)


Michael Hastings "CAUGHT ON CAMERA" Running Red-Light Seconds Before Crash

The Youtube source:

Link to the video and frame by frame set:
http://we.tl/e7hwrf4LON (available for 1 week only, please mirror!)

Michael Hastings "CAUGHT ON CAMERA" UNEDITED Dash-Cam Video

The Youtube source:

I did not upload this set, since it is too large to upload. But to make it easy, beneath you can find links to the software i used. That way you can do the process yourself, and its easy!

I did get some frames from the moment Hastings can be seen.

Link to the video:
http://we.tl/V2dcRKgWH1 (available for 1 week only, please mirror!)

Link to the frame by frame set:
http://we.tl/UKlCS4Ztgw (available for 1 week only, please mirror!)

Journalist Michael Hastings Dies in Fiery Crash / Hollywood RAW FOOTAGE

The Youtube source:

Link to the video and frame by frame set:
http://we.tl/Z2GX5sdAXs (available for 1 week only, please mirror!)

Just as a little extra, a newsitem involving the LoudLabs material and the man that shot the footage.

The Software

Please note this is not my software. Do not install a programm you dont trust and first read the specifics of the programs on the links given. If you have links to better software, mirror upload locations or other remarks, splease share in the comments bellow.

To download a Vimeo or Youtube video as an MP4 i used http://keepvid.com/

Get 1 frame
I used VLC Media Player, which is free.
When you click the right mouse button you get a menu. Choose something like “view”, then “see advanced play menu”. (my program is Dutch, so the term might differ).
Now you can make a screenshot/snapshot and move on frame by frame.
Time consuming, but it does the job.

Get ALL frames
I downloaded a free propgram i found on Google. I think it did however install some additional utility, but I uninstalled that. It works quite easy! Better alternatives are welcome.

Edit a frame
For working on contrast and stuff like that, I use my picture browser: FastStone Picture Viewer. Does the job as well. And again free. I did not edit any of the pictures I uploaded.

To upload the files I used www.wetransfer.com

To upload multiple files (The jpg's and MP4's) in needed it in 1 container. I used Winrar for this one. So to unpack the downloaded .rar files, you would need this one.

I really hope things are clear. If not, please leave a comment.

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