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#Pizzagate Part 1 - 6 (MES - Math Easy Solutions 2016-2017)

Reeds in 2016 begon MES, Math Easy Solutions, met het publiceren van Pizzagate videos. In totaal heeft hij er 24 gemaakt, waarvan ik er vandaag 6 deel. Deze reeks video's is om verschillende redenen bijzonder te noemen. Allereerst zijn het veel en lange video's. Daarnaast kun je al zijn bronnen bekijken, wat erg handig is als je iets wilt terugzoeken. En niet in de laatste plaats is deze reeks bijzonder omdat het laat zien hoe breed de term "#PizzaGate" in die tijd al door velen werd gezien. 

We gaan dus bijna 6 jaar terug in de tijd. Of zijn social media allemaal nog werken weet ik niet, maar ik kan in ieder geval delen wat ik vond. Wel zo netjes. Verder vind in dit artikel natuurlijk de eerste 6 delen uit de reeks. Linkjes, tekst en video's, je vindt het hieronder.

Ik wil zeker niet zeggen dat ik alles even waardevol vind, er zijn zelfs zaken waar ik me geheel niet in kan vinden, maar toch vind ik het belangrijk dit met de wereld te delen.

Ik wens iedereen veel wijsheid toe. 🙏🏼

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#PizzaGate Part 1: Madeleine McCann Disappearance

UPDATE: After researching the McCann case in more detail, it is clear that there was a cover-up in the case, in which Madeleine almost certainly died before her reported disappearance. Also, the efits almost certainly were used as a warning message to the Podestas to keep to what ever blackmailed agenda there might have been.

Learn MORE by watching #PizzaGate Part 4 and Part 30.


The #PizzaGate phenonomen has gone completely viral on the online world, despite getting virtually zero exposure on Main Stream Media. But instead of explaining what #PizzaGate is directly, I have decided to compile all the evidence and arguements I can find in a somewhat chronological format, and let the evidence speak for itself for what #PizzaGate really is. This is because #pizzagate is looking like it might be an incredibly dark and secretive hidden world.

In #PizzaGate Part 1, I start off goving over the disappearance of 3-year old Madeleine McCann from a holiday resort in Portugal on May 3, 2007. Six years later, the London police department, known as the Scotland Yard, released e-fits of some of the suspects. Two of the e-fits were created from two different witnesses perceived to be describing the same person. But given that other witnesses described suspicious men near McCann's holiday appartment nearing and during the day of her disappearance, it is also possible that the e-fits also represent two different men.

Now the real interesting part of the e-fits, which have fanned the flames of the entire #pizzagate phenomenon, is that the two e-fits look IDENTICAL to John and Tony Podesta! Even the mole on Tony Podesta's forehead is shown in the efits. John Podesta was Hillary Clinton's Chairman for this year's presidential campaign, the Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton, and Counselor to Barack Obama. Tony Podesta is a lobbyist, founder of the Podesta Group. Both John and Tony Podesta are considered two of the most powerful people in all of United States, and quite frankly in the entire world.

To further indicate that the Podesta's were involved in the McCann case, the recent Wikileaks emails of John Podesta reveal that he may have deleted emails prior to May 3, 2007, the day of McCann's disappearance. In fact the email on May 4, 2007 that was sent through his email was actually by his Assistant Elizabeth Cooley.

This is quite simply such a huge storyline, but the mainstream media, along with John and Tony Podesta, and Elizabeth Cooley, have been utterly silent about this. There appears to be a delibrate coverup, and this video argues in great detail that that just might be the case.

Stay tuned for #PizzaGate Part 2...

Download the notes in my video: https://1drv.ms/b/s!As32ynv0LoaIhto39CH6HpaUWNImIw

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#PizzaGate Part 2: ACORN Controversy

In this video I go over Part 2 of the #PizzaGate series. In this part, I take a look at the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, and the 2009 Child Sex Trafficking Controversy (ACORN). In 2009, James O'Keefe from Project Veritas went undercover as a pimp to 7 different locations, with Hannah Giles, playing the role of a prostitute. There plan was to talk with ACORN employees to see if they can help them set up, and cover up, a prostitution business which involves smuggling a dozen of underage girls from El Salvador, and have them "work" at a home, which they wanted ACORN to give them a housing loan for. The undercover videos, showed that nearly every ACORN employee, and from each of the 7 ACORN offices across the country, were very willing to help out James and Hannah in this illegal business.

The fallout from these videos, involved ACORN losing federal and private funding, and eventually shutting its operation in the USA. James O'Keefe had to pay one of the ACORN employees $100,000 in a settlement for illegally recording him, which apparently is against the law in the state of California. The California Attorney General Jerry Brown's investigation concluded that the edited, and unedited tape recordings clearly show ACORN willing to aid in a hypothetical child prostitution ring, but nonetheless, no law was violated since state law requires that both parties intending to commit an actual crime, and not just a hypothetical crime.

Regardless of all this, the mainstream media, including MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, Forbes, Inquisitr, to name a few, have spun the story as James O'Keefe "heavily editing" the videos to make smear ACORN, and indicate to ACORN not being charged with any crimes as prove of such a claim. In this video, I go into detail to show how the mainstream media spin is just that, spin. This also illustrates how the mainstream media can be viewed occasionaly as fake news, something which they are branding alternative media of being.

This video is meant to show that government funded organizations such as ACORN can be used to help set up and cover up, ratherly easily, an international child sex trafficking ring. I highly recommend every to watch all of the undercover tapes, as well as watching Rachel Maddow's spin on the story to see just how good the mainstream media is at misleading the public. Keep this in mind for future parts to this series.

Stay tuned for #PizzaGate Part 3...

Download the notes in my video: https://1drv.ms/b/s!As32ynv0LoaIhttV2egtmBe6Gn5Z3g

View Video Notes on Steemit: https://steemit.com/pizzagate/@mes/video-notes-pizzagate-part-2-acorn-controversy

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#PizzaGate Part 3: Barack Obama's Close Ties to ACORN

In this video I go over part 3 of the #PizzaGate series and this time continue where I left off in Part 2 about the ACORN controversy. The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) was at the center of some controversial undercover tapes by James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles in which employees at ACORN were shown to be willing participants in aiding and abetting an international trafficking operation. I covered the controversy in great detail in Part 2 so make sure to watch that video. In this particular Part, I discuss Barack Obama's close ties to ACORN as well as his willingness to distance himself and lie about his involvement with ACORN. I will be referencing the ACORN controversy in later parts so I wanted to first go over it in detail in these earlier parts.

Stay tuned for Part 4...

Download the notes in my video: https://1drv.ms/b/s!As32ynv0LoaIht8ZT4qixxPYsuHo5Q

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#PizzaGate Part 4: McCann / Podesta Connection (Debunking Snopes and New York Times)

In this video I go over part 4 of the #PizzaGate series and this time revisit the possible connection between John and Tony Podesta with the Madeleine McCann reported disappearance. Recently Snopes and New York Times finally wrote articles on the two efits, which are computer generated sketches, of the possible suspect that was described by the Smith family. As expected Snopes and NY Times stated that there is no connection between the Podestas and McCann case, but also as expected they provide extremely poor journalism in their articles.

In reviewing the Snopes and NY Times articles, I show that many details were left out, not only by these news outlets but also by the BBC and The Guardian, which were used as references. The details left out include the fact that the Smith family witnesses to the supposed abductor of Madeleine McCann, which were Martin Smith, his son Peter Smith, and daughter Aoife all clearly stated that they had no idea how the man looked like and could not recognize who the man was, or what his face looked like, even if they were given a photograph of him! Not only that but the efits were suppressed from the public for 6 YEARS and first released during a BBC Crimewatch TV program in which the investigator Any Redwoord URGED the public to find the man. Thus it is clear that the efits could NOT have been realistically be produced at all!

Thus in investigating the Snopes and NY Times articles, the rabbit hole just gets deeper, and it appears that Madeleine McCann most likely was not kidnapped, but may have been dead this whole time. This also means that the Podestas could not have been the kidnapper, but this doesn't take the Podestas off the hook either. In fact even more questions arise, namely:

Why do the two efits clearly look like two separate men?
Why do the two efits appear to be produced from two separate computer programs?
Why do the efits match very closely to John and Tony Podesta, including the mole on Tony's forehead?

Thus the connection between the Podestas and Madeleine McCann have not only NOT been resolved, but now their connection is even stronger because they don't necessarily need to be proved to be in Portugal at the time. For example, the efits could have been used as blackmail. But regardless of the different possible scenarios, if Snopes and New York Times really wanted to get to the bottom of the truth, they can simply ASK John Podesta, as well as his brother Tony and assistant Elizabeth Cooley, about their whereabouts during the McCann reported disappearance, and about any possible connection to the McCanns. Also their email correspondence should be requested as well because the Wikileaks make it clear that emails may be missing from John Podesta during that specific time period.

Now it is also clear that a cover up of the McCann case appears to be the case, as it looks like with #PizzaGate as well. The reasons for this may also be because it may involve some very powerful people...

Stay tuned for Part 5!

Download the notes in my video: https://1drv.ms/b/s!As32ynv0LoaIht983jfGMKprUoJmZg

View Video Notes on Steemit: https://steemit.com/pizzagate/@mes/video-notes-pizzagate-part-4-mccann-podesta-connection-debunking-snopes-and-new-york-times

Download ALL Notes: https://mes.fm/pizzagate

#PizzaGate Part 5: Madeleine McCann Case: Gaspar Statements

In #pizzagate part 5 I look at more witness statements in the Madeleine McCann reported disappearance case, and this time look at the very controversial Gaspar statements. Two weeks after Madeleine was reported missing, Katherina and Savio Gaspar, close friends with Gerry and Kate McCann contacted police in police in Leicestershire, England and told them about concerns they had about another close friend of the McCanns, David Payne. David was one of the last person to have reported seeing Madeleine before her reported disappearance, which caught the attention of Katherina Gaspar. Their witness testimony to the police includes an incident which occurred twice, in which the first time was during a vacation in and Katherina was sitting at a table in between David and Gerry; this is shown below:

"I remember Dave telling Gerry something like "she", referring to Madeleine, "would do this". When he mentioned "this", Dave was sucking on one of his fingers, pushing it in and out of his mouth, whilst with the other hand he circled his nipple, with a circulating movement over his clothes. This was done in a provocative manner there being an explicit insinuation in relation to what he was saying and doing."

This witness testimony clearly suggests that a police angle that the police could have pursued was to investigate David Payne, as well as Gerry and Kate McCann's possible involvement or past history in pedophilia. But this instead, appears to have been purposely covered up by law enforcement and the mainstream media. These statements were withheld by the Leicestershire police for 6 months and only ever given to the Portuguese police AFTER the chief investigator Goncalo Amaral removed himself from the investigation. Goncalo retired early because he felt he was being silenced and the investigation compromised to only show the McCanns in a positive light. He also wrote a book called "Maddie: The Truth of the Lie" in which he argues that Madeleine had been killed accidently and that the McCanns were covering up their involvement.

In his book, Goncalo also brings up the Gaspar statements and questions the police in withholding the statements as well as not pursing further into them. The McCanns took Goncalo to court over a libel case to have his book banned, which it was, then Goncalo won an appeal, which was again overturned, and once again re-overturned in Goncalo's favor just last year. The McCann's are looking to take him to the Supreme court, all to try to silence his book.

The Gaspar statements clearly show that some people have the power to collude with law enforcement and the media to cover up and hinder proper investigations into possibly very illegal criminal cases, even those including the abuse of children.

Stay tuned for Part 6...

Download the notes in my video: https://1drv.ms/b/s!As32ynv0LoaIhuBbn0bbKRtV3mby5A

View Video Notes on Steemit: https://steemit.com/pizzagate/@mes/video-notes-pizzagate-part-5-mccann-case-gaspar-statements

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#PizzaGate Part 6: McCann Case: Yvonne Martin Statements

In #PizzaGate Part 6 I look further into the Madeleine McCann reported missing child case, and this time take a close look at yet another witness statement that the mainstream media purposely fail to write about. The witness is a professional child services and social worker with over 25 years of experience, Yvonne Warren Martin, who happened to be on holiday vacation in Portugal during Madeleine’s reported disappearance. Madeleine was reported missing on May 3, 2007, but Yvonne Martin heard about this in the news on the day after, May 4th, and which she decided to travel to the apartment where Gerry and Kate McCann were staying. She met up with the McCanns, who were accompanied by their close family friend David Payne, at around 9:30 AM. Yvonne tried to console Kate McCann, who was clearly distraught and in tears.

Yvonne offered to help the McCanns in any way she could by offering her expertise and knowledge. She also wanted to speak with Kate alone to get a better idea of the situation because, from her experience, child cases are almost always the result of other family members or family friends being involved. But Kate was advised by her friend David Payne to stop talking to Yvonne and was told it was better she be quite and not say anything. Yvonne found this extremely strange and wondered why the McCanns would not want to speak about possible ways in uncovering the mystery of Madeleine. Also of note is that Yvonne found David Payne very familiar but could not spot where she may have seen him. Nonetheless, her encounter with the McCanns caused her to believe that they may have been involved in Madeleines disappearance. She also suspected David Payne to be involved as well, and wanted the police to investigate whether he may be a pedophile. This comes as quite a revelation given the statements made by Katherina and Savio Gaspar, see #PizzaGate Part 5, which also suggest that David Payne may be a pedophile.

Yvonne’s encounter with the McCanns was reported by the former chief Portuguese police investigator Goncalo Amaral in his book “Maddie: Truth of the Lie”, by Kate McCann in her book titled “Madeleine”, by David Payne during his witness testimony, and by countless other citizen journalists online. But as expected, the only place that the Yvonne testimony was not written about is the mainstream media, including Wikipedia. This is yet another example of the mainstream media appearing to not be about the truth, but rather push pre-existing agendas and narratives they either they, or others more powerful, have.

Stay tuned for #PizzaGate Part 7…

Download the notes in my video: https://1drv.ms/b/s!As32ynv0LoaIhuE6sWqT1sdCGB05cA

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