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An Open Secret (2014)

An Open Secret is a 2014 American documentary film directed by Amy J. Berg exposing child sexual abuse in the film industry in California.

The documentary follows the stories of five former child actors who were sexually abused by multiple predators. Much of the film focuses on Marc Collins-Rector, subsequently convicted of child sexual abuse, who co-owned and operated Digital Entertainment Network, with Brock Pierce also owning a minor share. DEN produced brief online videos during the early days of the Internet, and was noted for wild parties featuring underage boys at Collins-Rector's house.

The film makes multiple references to director Bryan Singer, who was allegedly at some of the DEN parties, but does not detail allegations against him. A lawsuit alleging that Singer sexually abused Michael Egan as an underage boy was withdrawn during the production of the film. As a result, the film only details allegations made by persons willing to appear on camera.

Among the people interviewed is Vanity Fair journalist John Connolly, who states that an article on pedophilia in Hollywood was dropped at the last minute by Details magazine.


An Open Secret explores the accusations of sexual abuse experienced by five child actors in Hollywood who speak out about their abuse. Often quoted as “the film Hollywood doesn’t want you to see”, it explores how some of the elite in Hollywood prey on children in the industry using drugs, alcohol, and grooming. Much of the accused Hollywood aristocracy still work for well-known companies such as Nickelodeon.

The film not only highlights the personal experiences of the abused, but drives the message that these incidents are not unique but commonplace in a secretive paedophile ring that has lasted for decades. While some of the accused served jail time, many are still working with children and doing so legally. This documentary inspires hope of not only exposing the sexual abuse, but also strengthening the legal system in an attempt to better protect children in Hollywood.


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