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Ukraine and the evil snake that is the U.S. State

Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, and her husband Robert Kagan are both NeoCons and remained in position when Bush exited the White House.
Obama left people in place any sane man would have removed.
(Of course there is another way of looking at it, and that is that we did not perceive the real Obama, we saw the Obama we wanted to see and Obama is actually just as NeoCon-influenced as George W. Bush EVER was.)
Nuland and Kagan, and separately John McCain were extremely active in Kiev in the lead-up to and long continuation of the Maidan riots. Nuland and Kagan prepared placemen to take over once the presidency/government was toppled.
The US has admitted that $5,000,000,000 dollars was spent by them in Ukraine over the past 20 years... on “improving democracy”. I’m sure I don’t have to relate what was undoubtedly the true purpose of this massive spend.
The Maidan revolution started peacefully enough. In November of 2013 it was pretty much a good-hearted protest about widespread political and business corruption. And there was huge merit in it.
However, there is an element in Ukrainian society that holds true to a heritage in Ukraine stemming from World War Two. There was a widespread collaboration with the Nazi occupiers in Ukraine. Many Ukrainians joined Nazi divisions including SS.
See this article on Wikipedia for in-depth info on this:
‘Ukrainian collaborationism with the Axis powers’
As in southern Austria there is a widespread justification cult about how it was really not so bad to be a Nazi and how they actually did a lot of good for Ukraine. No prizes for guessing who joins these groups, attends their marches and so forth: Sons and daughters or grandsons and granddaughters of those who took part in the various atrocities of the Nazis or who worked in the background for them.
In Ukraine it is much, much worse than in Austria. There the cult of sympathising with and even praising the Nazis has reached a sizeable minority in Ukraine and they are accepted and appear to have almost achieved respectability.
If you watched the videos of the Svoboda Party (ex- Social-Nationalist Party) supporters you will see what I mean. They don’t all look like evil, hate-filled Nazi thugs, some are older, looking like everyday folk you might see down at the shops, others are fresh-faced girls and boys who look like your normal everyday teenager.
But they have one thing in common, they are all charged with an intense, fired-up ultra-nationalism that is stated in terms of ultra-violence against Russia and Russians. And there is also a massive hatred toward the people who live in the southeast of Ukraine who they sneeringly call ‘Moskals’. In essence they consider them to be Russians too.
A large number of those with this Nazi-legacy mentality, of Nazi collaboration having helped Ukrainian nationalism, who had had military training in Poland apparently joined the Maidan protest and turned it into an all-out riot.
Around twenty police were clubbed, burned, beaten or shot to death in the course of the riots. Molotov cocktail factories supplied the rioters and these were thrown at lightly armed (they had no guns, only baton) police who in later stages simply formed benumbed lines against these attacks. The rioters used trucks, iron bars and a whole arsenal of potentially lethal weapons, sprays and actual guns such as hunting rifles, handguns and shotguns.
It was as bestial an affair as any of us would ever hope NOT to see. These rioters were utterly sadistic in their determination to maim and kill. Ultra-violent thugs to whom human life had lost all meaning and all concepts of human decency had been long scraped from their diseased consciences.
Many of these soulless sadists joined the Ukraine armed forces after the coup and were sent east toward those they hated with a passion, those they called the ‘Moskals’.
So, this is the sinister backdrop to the lethal attacks on the southeast we have seen (or have not seen due to the information blackout on these events by western mass media). These crimes have been supported by the US, the EU and apparently every western press title and mass media outlet from the west coast of America to the west bank of the River Dneiper which runs through the centre of Ukraine.
I’d like to mention the Odessa atrocity where evidence appears to show that two groups of pro-Kiev ultra football fans emerging from a match were deliberately goaded into a frenzy of hate before attacking a large number of pro-Russian protesters (as they are sometimes known, though I prefer pro-Autonomy protesters).
The protesters were forced by the mob into the Trade Union building in Odessa, a huge impressive building with many floors. The ultras (who were composed of Ukrainian nationalists in the main) followed them in clubbing, strangling and undoubtedly shooting them until many of them lay dead.
They then retreated back outside, barriered the doors and set the building alight with molotov cocktails (supplied by a group of around 12 teenage girls who looked like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths).
Many of those trapped inside tried crawled onto window ledges to escape the flames. They were shot at from below. Some jumped to their deaths. Others jumped and survived only to be clubbed to death by the thugs below. In one image quite young boys, perhaps aged between 12 and 15 can be seen at a window. It is not known to me what became of them. I hope someone took pity on them.
Although the subsequent images of the burned corpses were available on the internet reaction in the western press was subdued. Some source said the protesters had done this to themselves. Others sheltered behind the convenient excuse that it was all too confusing and they couldn’t tell who had done what.
Is there ANY excuse for killing scores of frightened young people, some who were young women and in some reports small children? I do not believe any decent human being would think so.
#Odessa videos:
Pro-Kiev thugs INSIDE Trade Union building in Odessa well before it was burned:
ODESSA 5/02: The Untold Truth of Kulikovo Field [Part 1 ] HD
Returning to the Maidan, the overthrowing of a democratically-elected government (observers called the elections “fair" and pluralistic") would be bad enough but with the west so actively and enthusiastically backing the ultra-violence of the Maidan thugs it gets worse.
The Kiev junta put in place by the US (their placemen as described took over with 4 Svoboda MPs within the subsequent junta) turned to the sadistic young Svoboda supporters and the horrifically violent Right Sector militant group to give them a week’s training or so then set them loose on the people of southeast Ukraine.
For a time their actions included intimidation and blocking roads but then they killed some checkpoint guards and it all began. Soon they were mortar shelling residential areas, hospitals, schools and even an orphanage. Very soon these attacks upon urban areas and civilians became the norm and things became extremely bloody. Not that you would have known if you were relying on western press or media to inform you. They either self-censored on all of this or were ordered by western states not to report on these atrocities by the Ukraine forces.
In Lugansk on June 2nd 2014 there was THE most horrendous attack by at least one fighter jet and an unknown number of helicopters. A strike was made on an office in an upper floor of the administration building there which has been long occupied by pro-Autonomy personnel. Without doubts the civilian administrators in this office were killed instantly.
Down in the street in front of the building there was a simultaneous strafing by what appear to be cluster bomblets. A number of casings from these have been found and the mini-craters can be seen in the videos which exist on YouTube.
Some videos of the Lugansk Atrocity:

Strike - The Aftermath

Strike - Outside (CCTV)

Strike - Ruptly Report

Strike - Inside Building
Five civilian women were killed in this attack. In a video of the aftermath women in casualwear can be seen, with mutilated legs in one case, others quite clearly dead. One woman still alive but with skin gouged out of her leg.
A scene from World War II could not have looked bloodier. 8 people died in all and many have been injured/mutilated for life. All civilians.
The videos you will find if you look for them on YouTube are among the most graphic you will ever watch. But I suggest you SHOULD watch them.
You will perhaps say that surely the world was shocked and dismayed that such an atrocity could happen, that ANY government could do it in this day and age and that organisations across the western world were outraged and condemned this massacre.
But you would be disappointed. Because there was a perfect silence across the whole western world.
For the same reason that the Lugansk atrocity has no doubt come as news to YOU. There was in effect an almost 100% news blackout on this right across the western world. The screams of the civilians who suffered incredible agonies while in their death throes were completely silenced
George Orwell’s ‘1984‘ world of two fighting superpowers where all news is manipulated news has come to pass. And where reality or non-reality is at the behest of the governing power. We are no longer living in the world we thought we were. A sinister ability to silence all press and media is now revealed. And in that silence no one can hear their screams except those NEXT to die.
And the future of Ukraine? It is tied in with the future of the virulent and paranoid fear of Russia which drives so much incredible hatred in the souls of some Ukrainians and some westerners, certainly including the so-called leadership of the US and EU.
Russia, China and some other BRICS plus countries in Latin America, Syria, Iran and others are now building the elements of the multipolar world that was lost as the communist (socialist) bloc fell. But not in terms of re-building the USSR. No, Russia will never go back to those conditions which incorporated deep flaws (for all the magnificent ideals and achievements). But the US and EU MUST be faced down and quarantined for they are lethally insane in their ambitions, in a state of near collapse internally with EU-skepticism growing EU is particularly vulnerable. And the US is so deeply sick with innumerable causes that it is only a matter of time before it suffers an internal vortex of collapse, decay and violence.
But the US and EU are even MORE dangerous in these parlous states. Obama in US was seen as an agent of change similar to John F. Kennedy. He has turned out to be nothing of the kind.
We should realise that whoever takes over in 2016 will without doubt be even worse. Best case scenario would be that the administration then would simply carry on as it is now with no worsening of the NeoCon insanity which permeates each level of power in Washington.
The danger which constantly emanates from the US means we MUST use every legal means possible to undermine its ability to continue to interfere across our planet.
Most people have few possibility other than their own boycotts or use of internet to protest. But we CAN speed the economic decline and collapse of the US economy by refusing any and all goods or services with an American origin. It’s not much but it’s something.
Apart from this get onto Twitter and condemn American interference with all your might. And the obnoxious junta in Kiev. And to go on doing so night and day. You will find many friends there who are part of the same dedicated team of pro-Autonomy tweeters. They are a lovely, incredibly idealistic bunch. You’ll LOVE them.
Protest the American state and its ambition to gain world hegemony. Support those who act to  remove countries from the EU. The primary goal is to bring the EU to its knees, a result desperately needed as it has become, in effect, America’s lapdog.
So, that’s my penny’sworth on where we are on Ukraine, on the mangy parrot of the EU and the primary driving force of evil in our world, the evil snake that is the U.S. state.


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