maandag 21 november 2016

I am fishead

Dit is werkelijk een geweldig inzichtelijke documentaire over het fenomeen psychopathie. Het is vooral gefocust op het bedrijfsleven, maar wie de kenmerken begrijpt ziet het overal om zich heen, van de buurman tot in de politiek. Menselijke roofdieren die over lijken kunnen gaan. Waardevol voor je zelfverdediging dus, niet fysiek maar mentaal, om deze documentaire te bekijken en de implicaties hiervan te bevatten.

Omdat dit een documentaire in het Engels is heb ik ook een Engelstalige beschrijving toegevoegd. Hopelijk vormt de taal geen obstakel voor u, want deze informatie zou ieder mens op vroege leeftijd al tot zich moeten nemen.

Ik wens u veel wijsheid toe.

I am fishead - Are corporate leaders psychopaths?

The ancient Chinese said ‘a fish stinks from the head’. Is that true? Is the answer to our questions about society really that simple? Narrated by award-winning actor Peter Coyote, this film takes a provocative look at certain societal tendencies and tries to explore what could be wrong with people who are in power.

Since it is generally acknowledged that society is shaped like a pyramid, this means that the few individuals at the top are the ones creating the environment for the rest that are at the bottom. But what do we really know about people who are in power? We trust our lives to them, but do we really know them?

We know two things for sure: their decisions affect millions and some of them are simply not the nicest people on the planet. This would suggest that, in light of such catastrophes as the 2008 financial meltdown, the world’s politicians and bankers and business leaders, often considered society’s elites, have failed miserably in their given roles. People were just getting on with their lives when this crisis hit them suddenly. It all happened so fast that it shocked everybody. In a matter of weeks people lost their homes, their jobs, their life savings, and their lifestyle. Is it possible that these world leaders are actually psychopaths?

In their book ‘Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths go to Work’, industrial psychologist Paul Babiak and Psychopathy expert Robert D. Hare present the provocative concept of the ‘corporate psychopath.’ According to Robert Hare, a psychopath is a person who doesn’t have a conscience. This is not because he or she doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to understand the difference between right and wrong, but because the emotional connection with thoughts is absent. This individual would show lack of empathy, lack of concern for other people, and the ability to look at other people as mere objects. They tend to be egotistical, self-centered, and lack remorse for the things they have done to hurt other people. They manipulate and deceive people for their own benefit. Most psychopaths don’t look evil, because they are out to con people. Hence they are charming and likeable.

This sounds like an accurate description of many world leaders. Could this mean a threat to global stability?

Filmmakers Misha Votruba and Vaclav Dejcmar set out to investigate the rotten odor that permeates society. Watch this film now.

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